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Higher education institutions in Turkey: studies with all the benefits of living in a resort

Higher education institutions in Turkey: studies with all the benefits of living in a resort

Not only European and American universities are popular among international students. Turkish higher education institutions can also offer high-quality progressive education and graduate qualified specialists in various fields with diplomas that are respected in the US and Europe. Here we will discuss this theme and talk about the features of enrollment to local universities. 

Every year, the procedure for enrollment of foreign students to higher education institutions is simplified. For instance, since 2010, Turkish universities do not require special tests. It is enough to have the following documents: a certificate, a certificate with the IELTS/TOEFL results, or of a test in Turkish. 

You must read the rules of enrollment to a particular university on its official website. 

Do not worry about a student visa and a residence permit in Turkey during studies. Usually, none of the foreign applicants have any difficulties with this. However, remember that citizens from different countries have their own rules for a visa-free stay in the local territory. Therefore, we do not recommend delaying the submission of documents for a residence permit. 

Note that many local universities are among the best in the world, so they are very popular among foreigners and, of course, the locals: the Middle East technical university, Bosphorus University, Istanbul technical university, Sabanci University, Bilkent University, Koc University.

The opportunity to study in a foreign language and compete with other applicants in the future is the next advantage worth considering. For instance, the curriculum of Marmara University, one of the largest educational institutions of Istanbul, is in 4 languages: Turkish, English, German, and French.

Comparatively low tuition fees are another nice bonus. If a student chooses to study in Turkish, he will have to pay 250-750 Turkish liras per year, and if in English – 450-1500 dollars. For fun, you can compare prices with those of European universities. You will immediately feel the difference. 

Of course, there are dormitories that cost from $ 30 to $ 300 per month for international students. You can also find suitable apartments near the university. 

Finally, it should be noted that, when choosing a higher educational institution in Turkey, you can enjoy all the amenities of life in a resort every day: a warm sea, mild climate, fresh fruits, and vegetables.