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What does the price of budget real estate in Alanya consist of?

What does the price of budget real estate in Alanya consist of?

When you look through the catalogues of real estate in Alanya then of course notice the options for inexpensive apartments. They interest you but they immediately suggest a possible trick. Why is the price so low? Which apartments are available on a budget of 30 000-50 000 euros? In this article we will tell you all about budget housing in Alanya.

Of course, having a limited amount to buy a house in the Mediterranean you immediately realize that you need to look for options among the secondary market. 

According to the profile Association of companies TÜGEM in the last few months of 2019 the number of sales of secondary housing increased by 35% in comparison with 2018.

 For example, you won’t find a decent option for 20 000 euros and buying an apartment for 30 000 euros – a great gift of fate. Let’s try to identify the factors that make up a fairly low price:

Old housing stock. Representatives of the old housing stock as a rule are low-rise located in ordinary residential districts and don’t have the infrastructure that is now in high demand from a modern buyer: swimming pools, parking, tennis courts, etc. But we want to warn you that old houses were built 20-25 years ago. They have their own attractiveness, advantages and low service of the apartment complex (AIDAT). And sometimes AIDAT may be completely absent. Just remember that they will definitely not have modern European technical standards. Therefore, this is a big drawback.

The lack of a large living space. Even with the initial layout type of 1+1 the living area of such modern apartments can reach 80 sq. m. The Eastern scale is in its full manifestation. But in the catalogues, you can also see options with a smaller square. They will be available at budget prices.

Long distance from the sea. Obviously housing that is located 50 meters from the sea is quite easy to sell. And apartments located in the distance of the Mediterranean are in less demand.

Urgent sale from the property owner. It’s a common reason that explains the low cost of housing. The price will always be lower if the owner needs to sell their home urgently.

Our main advice is to find a professional agency with an impeccable reputation that will warn you against mistakes and disappointments during the search and purchase of a house. Nova Property Company will be happy to help you in this important matter, find the perfect option at an affordable price for you.

We also suggest that we consider another option. Pay attention to the property that is under construction. First, it is cheaper than in an already commissioned facility and developers often offer instalments on favourable terms.

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