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What do I need to make a will?

What do I need to make a will?

Our life is extremely unpredictable so it is very important to be prudent and look to the future especially if it concerns large real estate. Do not be afraid of such a procedure as making a will so that your property will pass into reliable hands. Studying this issue now is a wise decision. In this article we will tell you about all the features of preparing and conducting this procedure on the territory of the Republic of Turkey.

To begin with we will focus on the list of necessary documents for making a will: 

– Passport and its copy; 

– TAPU and its copy; 

– Copies of foreign passports of prospective heirs; 

– 4 photos of the property owner; 

– Turkish tax number.

Now let’s move on to the sequence of mandatory actions:

  1. The implementation of the transfer. The day before the signing of the documents the interpreter must get a copy of your passport from you so that he can translate the text into Turkish.
  2. Hospital visit. Again, together with the interpreter you should contact the hospital to get a certificate of your mental health. Then go to the transaction to the notary. Remember, the help is only valid for one day. It is best to arrive at the doctor’s office as soon as possible in order to have time to do all the work before the end of the notary’s working day (before 17:00 local time).
  3. Presence of the required persons: a local notary, an interpreter and 2 Turkish witnesses must be present when making the documents. Although the registration process will take only one day, be prepared to allocate about 200-300 Turkish liras to a notary specialist. You can also write a will in your home country and then certify it with a Turkish notary in the presence of an interpreter.
  4. The preparation of a will. The text of the will is drawn up by a notary and the interpreter translates it orally into the language of the owner of the property. You have the right to make your own amendments if necessary. The document is issued in three copies for the owner, the notary, the Turkish Ministry of population Affairs.
  5. Entry into force of the document. The heir must contact his lawyer with a copy of the will, death certificate and title documents. After that the lawyer sends the request to the Ministry and the necessary papers to the court. According to the court decision the property has a new legal owner.

The inheritance procedure usually takes place according to the laws of the state of which the owner is a citizen. But if you purchase real estate in Turkey, you can follow Turkish law which is similar to Russian law.