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Features of medical insurance in Turkey

Features of medical insurance in Turkey

After foreign citizens have entered into a contract of sale and become owners of a cherished and long – awaited home in Turkey they receive a residence permit in the country. The next extremely important stage is to insure your health and health of your family. In this article we will explain why this procedure is so necessary.

Many people know that medicine in the Republic of Turkey is well developed. Professionals work here, the conditions are at the highest level and there are the latest methods of treatment. For example, an examination by a general practitioner will cost 150 Turkish liras for a Turkish citizen without insurance and 450 Turkish liras for a foreign citizen without insurance. The insurance will save your money; you will pay either 40-50 Turkish liras or visit the doctor for free.

 By the way, if you take into account the types of health insurance in some cases the medical insurance will cover the costs of medicines that you will be prescribed by a specialist.

The Law on foreigners and international protection came into force in 2014. According to which you must have a medical policy to live in another state. Turkey is included in the list of countries. Only children of minor age and persons over 65 years of age are exempt from this rule. In other cases, a residence permit is granted only if you have insurance. But we still recommend that you insure both children and elderly family members or at least enter them General insurance. This saves the budget well.

Cost of insurance in Turkey. Of course, it depends on the insurance company. Some are private and some are public. For example, a private policy will cost you from 200 to 2 000 Turkish liras per year.

State insurance – SGK. This insurance is the most reliable, but it can only be issued after a year of residence in Turkey. And it is paid once a month in the amount of 600 liras. We agree that this is not cheap but it provides health insurance for the whole family. If you have such a policy then when applying to a public institution it covers all expenses including dental services and prosthetics. Applying to a private clinic it covers up to 50 % of expenses. We should warn you that there are different coverage and state insurance so it is possible that some medical services are best to apply for private insurance.

There is another important point – standard insurance doesn’t cover the cost of pregnancy and childbirth. And it is necessary to be extremely attentive to those who have chronic diseases. There may be restrictions on the timing of the initial request for help after the policy is issued to you.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!