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Uninhabited island in Bursa province is popular during the pandemic

According to Hyurriet, the interest in a 45-acre island on Lake Uluabat increased dramatically after the announcement of self-isolation. We would like to remind you that three years ago the owner, Nedim Bulut, put it up for sale. Nedim received many offers from potential buyers. He says that the interest increased significantly after the news that the famous football player Ronaldo self-isolated on a...

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Turkish authorities actively take care of street animals during the pandemic

The Ministry of the interior has published a letter with the rules and conditions for feeding and protecting stray animals during self-isolation due to Covid-19. Local governments were advised to organize special places, where they can regularly leave food for animals. This was not required before, as citizens went outside and fed our smaller brothers.  According to the ministry’s report, food and...


The number of tourist sites will be supplemented ancient tombs in Karabuk

In 2011, in the Safranbolu region, about 20 tombs were found; they were put into the UNESCO world heritage list. Therefore, it can be argued that these facilities will contribute to tourism development.  According to Fuat Gurel, the governor of Karabuk, such significant and important finds should be open to visitors, so work is underway in this direction. The governor added that a project had been...


Murat Yucel was the first to test a new way to protect against the pandemic

It was decided to build a disinfection tunnel in the center of Alanya. Its direct function is to spray a special disinfecting solution on a person’s clothing under pressure. The mayor was the first to go along the sterile corridor.  Local authorities believe that this is a more effective method of protection than medical masks and antiseptics. Let us remind you that recently they have been...


Adem Murat Yucel, mayor of Alanya, will donate his salary to poor citizens

On his official page on social networks, the mayor of the resort city published a post about joining the Turkish president's initiative and that he would give his four-month salary to those who are currently in a difficult financial situation.  The Alanya mayor's salary is 19000 Turkish liras. So, Adem Murat Yucel will donate 76000 Turkish liras to the...

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Turkish economy copes with the pandemic better than all countries

Oguzhan Ozbash, deputy head of the Central bank of Turkey, assured that the Covid-19 would do less harm to the local economy compared to other countries, mainly due to its dynamic structure. He added that the economy will recover quite quickly, as soon as the pandemic declines.    For a positive outcome, effective measures are now being taken, for instance, tax cuts for heavily affected sectors...


After the Covid-19 pandemic, Turkey’s tourism sector will suffer significant changes

Local tourism industry representatives agree with this opinion    According to a statement by Cem Polat Oglu, a spokesman for the Turkish tour operator platform, the demand for boutique hotel services will increase significantly after the pandemic. He added that these hotels will pass the golden age, and people will no longer prefer large hotels.  “Mass tourism will lose its popularity....

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Istanbul Uskudar will be increased to 10.5 meters

Uskudar, a populous district of Istanbul, was built three years ago when there were cracks on the walls of the Semsi Ahmet Pasha mosque. Don’t forget that the Uskudar includes large historical mosques, many companies, and markets. It is also a transport hub.  The head of the local municipality revised the project to expand Uskudar square by 7 meters and thanked the mayor of Istanbul for permission to...


Turkish lira loses ground due to the pandemic

Let’s introduce you the current rate of the local currency:    1 euro = 7.22 Turkish liras 1 US dollar = 6.69 Turkish liras   According to experts, by the end of 2020, the situation may worsen; 1 dollar will be equal to 7 Turkish liras.    The situation is exciting, but no one is surprised at it. The decline in production and exports due to Covid-19, the impact on...


Experts estimate the growth of housing prices in the Turkish provinces for 2019

The top twenty includes ten cities in Antalya including Alanya. The first place in terms of rapid price growth takes Izmir / Bergama– the percentage increase was 39 %. Istanbul/Silivri is in the second place with 36%. Third and fourth place belongs to Kemer and Gazipasa, they have 30% each. Alanya is in the 11th place. Experts stressed that Antalya remains a popular resort city among foreigners and...

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