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Features of Turkish DASK: why insure any type of real estate?

Having acquired real estate, you must take care of its safety by going through the insurance procedure. Not only those who permanently reside in Turkey, but also those who, for instance, rent an apartment, but live in another country, must do this. This article is about DASK.  Dogal Afet Sigortalari Kurumu is a mandatory type of insurance for all owners of residential and commercial real estate against...


Economic forecasts of the Republic of Turkey

Despite the international economic crisis and other challenges, the economy of the Republic of Turkey remains one of the fastest-growing and ranks 17th by nominal GDP, as well as 13th by a gross domestic product that is calculated at purchasing power parity. In this article, we will share the forecasts of specialists regarding the Turkish economy soon.  Such results are right because Turkey is one of...

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Nova Property activity: interesting offers and favorable conditions

For 13 years, Nova Property has been working in Istanbul. It is part of a large holding. The agency works closely with the developer Elmak Konut working with government support. The main activity of Nova is aimed not only at the purchase and exclusive sale of real estate for a living, but also at the implementation and creation of investment projects allowing customers to earn money. In this article, we...

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Basic taxes in the Republic of Turkey

If you plan to invest in real estate or move to Turkey for permanent residence, you need to know about all the taxes that you will have to pay. With this information, you can calculate your approximate budget in advance and protect yourself and your family from worries and troubles.  If you have friends living in the Republic of Turkey, you can check for details about the tax system with them, as the...


Tips for those who want to rent an apartment in Turkey

The rental of a real estate in Turkey is a completely understandable, affordable, safe, and profitable way of an income if you have the necessary information. Our agency and this article will help you figure this out.  Which apartments and houses are the most suitable and in-demand?  Remember that you offer the guest a replacement or an alternative to the hotel room and all hotel conditions....

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Villa in Kargicak is a successful investment of funds

Villa is one of the most sought-after types of real estate. When choosing an apartment, investors and ordinary buyers, for renting and relaxing with their families, should analyze all the details: location, view from the window, a swimming pool, a landscaped indoor area, and, of course, interior decoration and layout. Nova Property would like to draw your attention to villas in the Kargicak district of...


The most popular Turkish business spheres: rules and tips for starting your own business

In this article, we will tell you about possible options for doing business for foreign citizens and the features of founding a company in the Republic of Turkey.  Many investors note that Turkey has all conditions for business development. This is largely due to the loyalty of local authorities to entrepreneurs. Company registration takes only about two weeks. Of course, no one shall hide the fact...

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Buying real estate in Turkey: loan or installments?

If citizens of one of CIS countries are offered to choose between a loan or installments, of course, they will prefer the second option. This can be easily explained by that sometimes the interest rate is extremely unprofitable, followed by a huge overpayment. In Turkey, this situation is not so acute, because, in most cases, the loan interest is very attractive. In this article, we will tell you about the...

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COVID-19 impact on Turkey: how to review and buy real estate now?

There are always opportunities in a crisis. Someone loses everything, but someone finds a way to earn millions on things, demand for which has started: stock market or real estate market. As a professional, Nova Property sees an opportunity in the investment market and offers its clients to take advantage of these opportunities. Some countries declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19; people can...


What does the price of budget real estate in Alanya consist of?

When you look through the catalogues of real estate in Alanya then of course notice the options for inexpensive apartments. They interest you but they immediately suggest a possible trick. Why is the price so low? Which apartments are available on a budget of 30 000-50 000 euros? In this article we will tell you all about budget housing in Alanya. Of course, having a limited amount to buy a house in the...

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