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Transport links in Alanya: the road to the sunny resort

Alanya is 120 km from the Antalya international airport. Until 2010, when the Alanya Gazipaşa airport was opened in 15 km away from the city, it was the only affordable option for the road to Alanya. It hosts domestic Turkish flights and helps the main airport of Antalya. 

The road from the Gazipasa airport to Alanya will take you about half an hour, and 1 hour 40 minutes from the Antalya airport.

The number of flights through Gazipasa is increasing every year. This airport has earned credibility due to cooperation with many well-known airlines: Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), Corendon Airlines, Transavia, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Lufthansa, Pobeda, etc. 

Now, residents from Russia, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Iran, and Azerbaijan can get to sunny Alanya. Not so long ago, non-stop flights to the Gazipasa airport became available to Russians.

After the airport, of course, you need to get to a certain place. Possible transfer options that cost from 4 to 40 euros will help you with this:

  • Group transfer
  • Havas shuttle bus (this is the most economical option, but you can get only to the Alanya bus station by it)
  • Taxi (this is the most expensive option)

A common option for many is to get from Antalya to Alanya. There are more transfer options, but the cost of traveling to Alanya is higher. This information is relevant only for those who are not tourists with a ticket to an all-inclusive hotel. So, think about the way in advance. 

However, no matter what option you choose, travel to Alanya will seem to you as comfortable and easy as possible. For instance, all buses in Turkey have modern, comfortable seating and air conditioning. 

Welcome to sunny Alanya! It is waiting only for you!

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