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Nova Property activity: interesting offers and favorable conditions

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For 13 years, Nova Property has been working in Istanbul. It is part of a large holding. The agency works closely with the developer Elmak Konut working with government support. The main activity of Nova is aimed not only at the purchase and exclusive sale of real estate for a living, but also at the implementation and creation of investment projects allowing customers to earn money. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and features of our agency. We will share relevant and interesting offers that may interest you. 

At the very beginning, we mentioned Elmak Konut. We would like to continue because Elmak Konut’s activity has a wide scope. The company is engaged in the implementation of state and social housing projects. The company has the following typical features: a large installment plan of up to 20 years for real estate projects. Please, note that this is not a bank loan, but an installment plan. Conditions of developers may be different, but they are very beneficial and attractive to buyers. 

You must move into an apartment and begin to decorate it before paying the entire sum. This service can be called an analog of a mortgage. The program used to be available only to Turkish citizens, but now this opportunity is also provided to foreigners.

Most of the facilities for sale are in two districts: Bahcesehir and Esenyurt. They are in the European part of Istanbul, near one of the largest airports in Europe; therefore, this place has good transport links, although it is a bit far from the center of the capital city. However, this does not detract from their merits. 

Unlike the center, both districts have many inhabited sites, and the territory of the complexes is 70-80% covered with greenery. 

All projects here are large-scale; there are no such projects on the Mediterranean coast, so they can’t be compared with anything. 

Within walking distance, there are social infrastructure facilities: educational institutions, hospitals, clinics. Nearby, there are many cafes, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and playgrounds. There is also a minibus for convenience. Soon, there will be a subway line. 

The locals working here praise comfortable conditions. There is another big advantage – the lack of tourists since the main historical sights are in the center of Istanbul. 

Do not forget that the projects of the Bahcesehir and Esenyurt regions are subject to favorable installment conditions. You can ask our managers for details by filling out a special feedback form on the website. 

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