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Features of Turkish pre-school education

A lot of foreign clients applying to our agency have small children. It is very important for them to have their children admitted to local kindergartens. In this article, we will tell you about the features of the pre-school education system in the Republic of Turkey.

It is not necessary to attend kindergarten in Turkey. Parents decide where and how their children will receive pre-school education. From the age of five, children must attend Anaokula – the preparatory department at the school.

Like other countries, Turkey has public and private kindergartens. They have many differences, and the most important of them is the cost. Public and private institutions are paid.

State kindergartens

From the age of three, children can attend state kindergartens. Experienced teachers conduct developmental classes for them and teach them how to read and write. The only inconvenience for foreign citizens is the obligation to study in Turkish. However, this step has an advantage. This will help children adapt to local life faster.

Children of any nationality can attend state kindergartens. When applying for documents, parents must provide Ikamet (a residence permit in Turkey), a vaccination certificate, and a certificate from the doctor about the health status of a child.

A state kindergarten is an excellent option for budget education of pre-school children. The monthly attendance fee is only 200-350 Turkish liras. There are a lot of people wishing their children to be admitted to such institutions, so about 10 people participate in the “competition” for a place.

Private kindergartens

In any country, it is much easier to have your children to be admitted to a private kindergarten than to a state one. In a local private institution, you will have to pay 600-1200 liras per month. You may not need to provide a certificate from a clinic or the Ikamet. Each private kindergarten has its requirements.

It is very important for many caring parents that their children receive pre-school education in their native language. In the Republic of Turkey, there are private American, Russian, German, English, and, of course, Turkish kindergartens.

One of the important services is the delivery of your child to a kindergarten and bringing back by a special vehicle. The child will be picked up right from the door of his house and brought back after classes. The additional fee will be 100-200 liras per month.

Turkish authorities are very responsible for education. It is not in vain that they allocate about 10% of the country’s total budget for its financing. The educational and developmental programs of private and state kindergartens are varied, interesting, and rich. There is no doubt that you and your child will be satisfied with this.

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