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Features of Turkish DASK: why insure any type of real estate?


Having acquired real estate, you must take care of its safety by going through the insurance procedure. Not only those who permanently reside in Turkey, but also those who, for instance, rent an apartment, but live in another country, must do this. This article is about DASK. 

Dogal Afet Sigortalari Kurumu is a mandatory type of insurance for all owners of residential and commercial real estate against natural disasters, especially, against earthquakes. This insurance is obtained once a year and is valid throughout Turkey. The policy is governed by law No. 587 of “On compulsory insurance against earthquakes”.

The DASK policy is also required when registering water and electricity meters.

The DASK spectrum also includes cases of damage to third parties, for instance, theft, illegal actions, fire, landslide, and explosions caused by an earthquake, etc.

Damage shall be compensated if the following real estate elements are damaged: walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, stairwells. 

Let’s clarify that insurance does not cover cases, for instance, related to an apartment flooding by neighbors. For complete peace of mind, there is additional insurance that will cover a wide variety of damage.  

To apply for the DASK, you will be asked for the following documents: 

  • a copy of the TAPU
  • tax numbers of property owners
  • passport numbers of property owners


You will not need to wait days or months to get the desired policy; about an hour, and it will be in your hands. Now you can use the Internet service not to leave your home. 

Real estate owners want to protect themselves and their houses, but how much does the policy described above cost?

Its cost depends on the following: 

  • Location Turkey is divided into parts; each of them has its seismological risk level. For instance, in Istanbul, the DASK will cost you more due to the increased possibility of natural disasters, and earthquakes in Alanya are extremely rare, so you will pay less for the insurance. 
  • Building reconstruction
  • Construction type
  • Total housing area

Please, note that the DASK determines the maximum insurance amount according to the growth in the housing cost. 

On average, in the Republic of Turkey, it ranges from 15 to 150 euros per year.  

When you apply for the DASK, you can be as calm as possible, as this Turkish natural disaster insurance is the most successful in the world. 

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