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Alanya beaches: international Blue flag award winners


There is no doubt that well-maintained and safe beaches of any resort city affect the choice of vacation spot. For instance, that is why many foreigners prefer Alanya. In this article, we will tell you about the best and most popular beaches of sunny Alanya. 

You will be surprised by the length of the beaches in Alanya since it is more than 70 kilometers. Therefore, your vacation will not be spoiled by many visitors, and you will feel as comfortable as possible. 

If you don’t want to get to the vacation spot for a long time, you can visit popular Cleopatra, Damlatas, Portakal, and Keykubat beaches, because they are in the city that can be reached by public transport.

Let’s discuss each of them in more detail. 

Let’s start with the most famous Cleopatra beach. Its length is about two kilometers. In this area, you can use everything you need for a bright, eventful, and comfortable rest: umbrellas and chaise lounges, cafes and restaurants, rental facilities, squares, playgrounds, etc. The entrance to this beach is free. You can even visit Cleopatra beach with your attributes for a holiday on the beach without spending any money.  

Also, pay attention to Keykubat beach. It is east of the center of Alanya. This beach is longer than Cleopatra beach; its length is 3 kilometers. Keykubat is full of sand, including the shallow bottom of the sea. Therefore, parents often rest here with their children without worrying about their safety. The entrance is free, but if you rent beach equipment, a fixed amount will be charged. 

Let’s not go far, since Portakal beach continues Keykubat beach. It is much smaller than the previous two, but this does not mean that it is not comfortable and not safe.  Portakal beach partially consists of sand and small pebbles. However, the bottom is mostly sandy. 

The water on all Alanya beaches is clean and clear; gentle entrance to the sea; quality service and comfortable conditions; therefore, many vacation spots have a blue flag certificate. This award is given to beaches with the above characteristics. The favorable environmental situation is due to the lack of industrial fishing, large cargo ships, and companies. 

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