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With or without furniture: housing options in Alanya

For those who are familiar with the real estate market in Alanya they know that real estate developers put houses into operation with a fine quality finish. But at the same time the buyer always has a choice: to buy the apartment with furniture, so that immediately after the transaction to move in and not worry about anything, or to purchase a property without furniture for the implementation of their own interior plan. In this article we will talk about the advantages of the two proposed options.

First option is without furniture. When a buyer from the CIS countries hears this phrase, he imagines an empty box in which, after signing the contract of sale, he will have to make repairs from scratch and enter a long waiting mode. But in Alanya it’s the opposite. If you look through the catalogue of local real estate, you will see options for apartments without furniture but don’t hurry to get upset because in this resort city houses without furniture are already a ready-made full-fledged project with high-quality overhaul, communications, air conditioning, plumbing and kitchen equipment.

Therefore, it is not surprising that such apartments are in no less demand than with furniture. By purchasing apartments of this type you automatically have the opportunity to do everything in your apartment as you dreamed.

Everything seems to be going well, but why are some foreign buyers afraid to take houses without furniture? The answer is on the surface. They don’t want to take any chances because of their lack of knowledge of the Turkish language and local quality stores with affordable prices where you can buy everything you need. In this situation, we can offer a solution – use the after-sales service from the Nova Property Agency. Our specialists will act as assistants and guides in all matters related to repair, registration of a contract for utilities, installation of the Internet and telephone lines and much more. You can completely rely on them.

Second option is with turn-key furniture. Of course the most convenient option is to purchase an apartment with furniture. It is very popular in the real estate market of Alanya. Apartment with furniture is perfect for renting. There are no extra costs, time and anxiety. Purchase, search for tenants and income. Perfect. Of course this is extremely profitable because furniture in ready-made apartments is cheaper than in stores. It is also selected in a European elegant classic style to try to please the majority of buyers.

You will be surprised but there is a third option. Yes, you heard right. There are situations when the buyer doesn’t fit the apartment with or without furniture then it would be better to pay attention to a house under construction. This is an opportunity to save on the total cost of housing and make your own individual adjustments to the repair and interior but for an additional fee. It will cost many times cheaper than if you redo something by yourself after the purchase. It is important to consider the following points: a percentage amount which will increase the value of the house, the quality and options selected finishes, new deadlines for the delivery of ready-made housing taking into account changes.

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