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What is the cost of luxury real estate in Alanya?

The luxury real estate market never stands still; it is updated frequently with a variety of options. Consequently, demand is growing and some buyers having an unlimited budget make mistakes when buying a prestige property. Apparently, this comes from ignorance of the peculiarities of the Turkish “elite”. In this article we will tell you what nuances you should to pay attention to when selecting homes in sunny Alanya.

Geographical position. Note that only quite an impressive size living space makes this apartment luxury. A more important factor in which part of Alanya it is located. Here are three options:

– The sea in a quiet location;

– The sea in the historic centre of Alanya;

– In the mountains with picturesque views.

Wherever you want you may find different options. For example, Europeans choose according to the criteria of environmental friendliness because health care is important for them so it is most logical if they buy an apartment near the mountains.

Year of construction of the residence and infrastructure. It is necessary to pay attention to how in the same place different apartment complexes differ at times in price. One of the reasons is the year of commissioning. You have to understand that the standards of construction change every time. Turkish real estate is in step with them and even ahead of them. Therefore, the building erected 40 years ago will be out dated and worn out in many ways: communications, finishing. Also, in such house there may not even be a basic structure of infrastructure: a swimming pool or parking. It’s another matter when we talk about a new modern residence. The building doesn’t have to be built the current year, perhaps 2-3 years ago but it will already meet all European quality standards. Hence the cost taking into account the new prices for land, construction materials and infrastructure in a private area which is so in demand from the current secured buyer.

We’d like to tell you about districts where you can find the most expensive homes:

turecko last minute konakli 2.SwKwsKonakli. Attractive natural types of coniferous forests, clean air makes this place convenient and comfortable to stay with family. The main feature of the district is that apartment complexes don’t separated from the sea by the track. There’s no noise and spoiled environment. Therefore, there is concentrated the largest number of luxury apartments and houses.

The centre of Alanya: Damlatas, Tepe and Bektas. Even though there’s liveliness, a large number of tourists and not the closest distance from the sea it is still prestigious to live in the heart of the famous resort city, where such a rich infrastructure is within walking distance. But let’s not forget that Tepe and Bektas are rich in their picturesque natural views which aren’t inferior to those of Konakli. 

d7b238973f27ebf39ba9bcc40daf6cba.BPnGAOba and Cikcili. Contrast in comparison with each other areas. Cikcili District is famous for its unique panorama thanks to its hills and Oba District are developing into a new centre of Alanya due to the construction of an important city facilities: city hall, major educational and medical institutions.

Mahmutlar and Kestel. In Mahmutlar District on the first line next to the elite housing can be extremely budget. The market of this district is extremely diverse. Kestel is an attractive place located near the historic centre. Local complexes aren’t more than 10 years they are near the sea so are the elite.

Kargicak. This district is famous for its diverse in many respects, villas with rich infrastructure.

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