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The procedure of registration TAPU

We are happy that you have decided on buying the apartment of your dreams. Now will be no less important stage – the TAPU land registry office. This is the main document that confirms the sole right to retain possession of the estate. In this article we describe in detail the composition and procedure of its receipt.

The first thing you have to remember that the TAPU is received immediately after the transaction establishes the unlimited and absolute right of property ownership that cannot be challenged even in court.

A certificate has its own variant which is indicated in the certificate:

– The right of ownership of the property which is ready for operation;

– The right of ownership of the property which is not ready for operation;

– Right to partial ownership of a property;

In addition to the TAPU there is still a mandatory list of data which are written in the main document:

– The value of the property;

– Type of the property;

– Photos of all property owners;

– Province / administrative centre;

– City, town;

– The sub district;

– Village;

– Street;

– District;

– The sheet number of the cadastral plan/drawing;

– The number of cadastral pattern/quarter;

– Number of the land plot;

– The fraction of the area of land;

– Square footage;

– The block number;

– Floor; 

– Allowed purpose of use;

– 18 the reason for the sale of real estate;

– Data on the new owner;

– Information about an individual/independent unit, located on the land.

What are the established rules for obtaining the TAPU on the territory of the Republic of Turkey?

  1. Be sure when signing an official document must be present and the buyer and the seller.
  2. It is likely that one part will be a citizen of another state. In this case you need to invite an interpreter who won’t have the same last name as the buyer or the seller.
  3. The procedure of registration of document on the face of another state takes a few days.
  4. The owner of ID can be one or more legal entities.
  5. Specialist of Cadastral fees must sign and stamp at the bottom of the document.

Don’t worry about transparency and the quality of the transaction as all the procedures are held under the authority of the State. Documents related to the purchase or sale of a property stored in the State Land Cadastre and the State Registration Chamber.

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