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The main representatives of the real estate market in Alanya

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Before finding accommodation in Alanya, of course, necessary to study the types represented in the local market. Again the variety of apartments and houses in Turkey are different from varieties in Russia. Moreover, this knowledge will definitely come in handy in dialogue with the estate agent. In this article we will tell you what is 1+1 or 2+1, what is studio and how common are duplexes in the Republic of Turkey.

What is the apartment 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 etc.? It is possible to notice looking through property listings is more common the word “apartment” instead of “flat”. In Turkey it is customary. Overall, the apartment is a very comfortable flat which is part of an apartment complex. The layout of the apartment may be very small literally for one person or maybe more impressive where it will be convenient to live a large family. This is figured out but with the numbers remains a misunderstanding. It’s simple: the first digit indicates the number of bedrooms and second – the number of the living rooms. The method of summation of the two indicators you’ll understand how many rooms in the apartment. The living room is always bigger than bedrooms.

What is the studio? Studio is one living space where only bathrooms and balconies separately located. The kitchen is most often separated from the room by the bar. In general, the apartment in Alanya is not much different from studios in other cities and countries.

How often can you meet a two-story apartment? Two-storey apartments or duplexes are quite common in Alanya which is not true of CIS countries. The structure of the duplexes often includes three or four bedrooms. Of course, they would be more comfortable to accommodate large families. Everyone will have their own space. Real estate developers building new complexes specifically leave the upper floors to these apartments. But there are also duplexes on the lower floors.

The layout provides guest area on the ground floor and bedrooms upstairs. Also on the second floor can be located a second kitchen with access to the patio.

Are there penthouses in the local market? Yes, multi-level spacious premium class apartments are also present in Alanya. They occupy the upper floors of complexes. As a rule, the future owners are attracted by the views and access to a large outdoor terrace.

What to expect from buying villas in Alanya? By purchasing a villa you get a nice big space and certainly a large swimming pool, a cosy garden and a terrace. Villas in Alanya are presented as individual home or in apartment complexes. The most villas are located in Kargicak District. There are luxury residences with their own infrastructure.

Also at the end we wanted to add that in Alanya you will rarely find detached houses in the main, they relate to apartment complexes with closed areas that include pools, saunas, fitness centres, sports grounds, cafes and more. It is a common practice for modern residences. Many foreign buyers this fact is pleasantly surprising.

Now you have enough basic information to determine the type of housing most suitable for you. It remains only to fill in a form on our website and the manager of the Nova Property Company contacted you and offered those options that you’d like. You can apply now!

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