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Rules for choosing real estate in Alanya

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When you buy property in another country it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the local market because it may differ from the real estate markets of other countries. Speaking of resort cities there are even more nuances that cannot be forgotten, otherwise you can make unpleasant mistakes. In this article we will highlight a few basic rules that will help you not make a mistake when buying a house for various purposes in Alanya.

  1. Study the features of the local real estate market. First of all, it is necessary to analyse the main trends of the real estate market in Turkey. Focus on the difference between new and second homes. You should pay attention to the factors that make up the price of apartments in Alanya: the side of the world that the windows of the house overlook, the composition of the infrastructure of a modern apartment complex, the availability of central heating. Also, pay special attention to second homes built 30-40 years ago because you have to know what you should wait for in the winter season. You should understand that the buildings that were built twenty years ago with different standards and answered completely different customer requests than they do now. The Turkish market is developing rapidly and finding new solutions to please the modern consumer.
  2. Do not rely on the cost per square meter of living space. In Turkey square meters are considered somewhat differently than in the CIS countries. If you make a mistake talking into account this parameter, you risk being disappointed and not buying your dream home. We can tell you a secret; even the most highly qualified estate agent cannot correctly answer this kind of question. The fact is that the area of an apartment in the Republic of Turkey consists not only of the internal space but also of the thickness of the walls, balconies and part of the staircase at the door to the apartment. Therefore, you should pay attention to entirely different parameters, of which ultimately formed the real price: the view from the window, floor and year of construction, direction, district and infrastructure of the complex.
  3. You should know the purpose of buying a house. If you buy an apartment in order to fulfil your dream or for renting it out or for permanent residence, holidays – in any case you need to determine further plans for yourself. The manager will ask you about it, and based on your answer, will offer you the appropriate options.
  4. Analyse all related expenses. The local real estate catalogue usually lists the cost of the house without taking into account fees and taxes. Most often AIDAT (the service of the apartment complex) is indicated but, again, not always. It is important to understand what approximate amount you will have to allocate from the budget after signing the contract of sale.
  5. Choose a reliable real estate agency. Of course this is an extremely important point. You need to pay special attention to it. Even if you didn’t take into account all the previous factors, the competent professionals will inform you to be savvy at all stages of a serious purchase.

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