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Most common questions from foreign buyers of property in Alanya


All buyers of real estate in Alanya is different but most often they are asking the same questions. This is understandable since buying a home in another country is a big responsibility. No one wants to face serious problems and to make unpleasant mistakes. In this article we will try to answer the most important questions that everyone was sure in advance of the correctness of his decision.

How to choose an apartment in Alanya? First you must find a professional estate agent with an impeccable reputation who will orient you in this matter. We understand that it is difficult to rely on a stranger in such an important matter, therefore, there is an additional proposal. You can contact the agency to arrange the study tour. The Nova Property Company will gladly provide this service; you will be able to explore all your choices. Pictures of objects don’t always meet reality. But on the other hand you can stroll at different times of the day or in the surroundings to see the possibility of urban infrastructure, to look at the people and even feel the local atmosphere.

How to choose a suitable district? Of course, the choice of the district is an important component. It is necessary to study the city infrastructure. And, of course, to see whether there are shops, chemists, cafes, schools, parks in the vicinity of your future home. Also you should analyse characteristics such as the distance to the beach, floor, view and area, year of building construction and infrastructure of the complex. Each district has its own characteristics of the property. Take care of your comfort in advance.

How much is a property in Alanya? You should start with many directories of local professional agencies. This will give you an idea of the average price of real estate. Don’t immediately focus on suspiciously cheap versions. It is important to study them thoroughly in the first place to see the year of building construction of second home. If the apartment complex was built 30 years ago you need to understand that it no longer meets modern requirements and standards. And even high-quality expensive repair doesn’t solve the problem.

Is house in the historic centre or in the new suburbs? We just want to say that in the historical centre you will seldom see new apartment complexes; the whole district is built-up old housing stock not to create a contrast appearance which attracts tourists.

In the new suburbs by the sea a large concentration of modern residences but there is little entertainment but the closed territory of the complex has a developed infrastructure with swimming pools and water parks. The choice is yours.

What are the risks of buying property in a newly built house in Alanya? The fact is that there is the law against developers on the territory of the Republic of Turkey. For fraud and non-compliance with obligations provided for huge fines and severe penalties.

Should I be afraid of losing my investments in case of investments in real estate? If you are going to deliver housing to rent or buy for resale then pay attention to the following points: how to successfully rent a similar house nearby, are you close to the beach and developed infrastructure, and what is the frequency of armour similar houses through popular sites such as

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