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What do you need to know when you rent out your apartment in Turkey?

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In 2019 Turkey received a record number of tourists. Right now the country is preparing for a meeting with the increased flow of fans of the sun and sea from all over the world. With such high demand prices for hotel and hostels have increased and continue to increase. The good alternative for tourists is to rent a local apartment.

According to the estate agencies there are a huge number of applications from foreigners who want to buy a real estate in Turkey for rent. Moreover the profit for the year can be from 5 to 7% of the apartment’s price. This is a considerable benefit but there are still so many questions.

What is the right way to choose an apartment for rent?

You should understand that you offer a tourist an alternative to a hotel so it’s necessary that your house conditions have to be equal to or maybe even better than an ordinary room at the hotel.

  1. The guest will definitely stay at your place again if the sea and beach are right next to the apartment. We all know that tourists like to choose hotels located close to the sandy beaches.
  2. You have to remember that hotels always offer all necessary stuff so you also should have hairdryer, iron, electric kettle, towels and provisions for personal hygiene for your guests.
  3. Where are we without the Word Wide Web? Nowhere, of course. When tourists choose an apartment they will take more than just the Internet but good wireless Internet. This is also important to take care of it because some people come to the resort to balance work and leisure.
  4. Supermarkets, cafes, markets, pharmacy and public transport stops have to be within walking distance. 

 20190302144318292450600oDistrict plays an important role in selecting an apartment. If a tourist comes for the first time he would probably like to stay in the center of Alanya to see the famous Cleopatra beach, waterfront of the port and the symbol of the city – the Red Tower. Maybe your guest will prefer Tosmur if he wants to capture the incredible panoramic landscapes. Those who have heard about the famous Incekum Beach will be happy to live in Avsallar district.

What time is the best for rent?

You won’t be out of pocket if you decide to buy a property in Alanya. Tis city has the longest holiday season. From mid-April to mid-October your apartment will be usually in high demand. Soon wintertime will become “a tidbit” as there will be a ski resort in Alanya.

How can you arrange a rental and stay calm about the security of the apartment?

It can be extremely difficult to seek for guests on your own and it’s not always possible to stay in Turkey all year to ensure the preservation of the apartment. There is a convenient and affordable way out. Nova Property will not only find clients for you, follow the timely payment of bills but also provide security of apartment and stuff that are there.

What advantages will landlord get when he buy an apartment in Turkey for rent?

  1. It’s not difficult to get here for the residents of the countries of the CIS.
  2. The most pleasant plus that you and your family can come to your apartment at any time to enjoy the nature and traditional food, just choose a couple of weeks among the Turkish 300 sunny days a year!

If you comply with all terms and our advice you will be able to develop business successfully. You should make a decision right now and contact Nova Property. We will help you to choose the most perfect apartment for rent. We are waiting for your call!

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