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Top 5 criteria for perfect Turkish apartments

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Imagine that you’ve already found a decent, in your opinion, apartment for living, holidays or renting. Are you ready to analyse it according to the criteria offered by experts of the real estate market in Turkey? After reading this article, you may take into account other indicators of “ideal” housing.

  1. The price. Of course, this is the first thing buyers pay attention to. In other articles, we have repeatedly mentioned the fact that real estate prices in Alanya are lower than in other European and Asian cities with a similar climate. In recent years, the number of foreigners who prefer to buy apartments here has increased, because anyone with different income levels finds their dream home. In addition, the real estate developer always offers loyal terms of purchase on credit on favourable terms, or gives an opportunity to take advantage of interest-free instalments, if we are talking about apartments in the process of construction.

You can buy a budget apartment within 40000 euros, but if you prefer apartments in a new apartment complex with modern infrastructure, then you should be prepared to allocate a significant amount. Prices for apartments even in the same building may differ from each other due to the area, floor, layout and view from the window.

We must warn you to carefully consider offers of second homes. High-quality property will never cost 30 000 Euros, for sure there are pitfalls, which your realtor must tell you.

  1. Apartment’s location, floor and view from the window. In the Russian real estate market, you may face the fact that apartments on the first and last floors are cheaper than all the others. In Alanya, the situation is different: the highest floor is more expensive. There are cheap properties with a small area on the lowest floors and there are prestigious duplexes (duplex apartments) on the highest floors. But there is another version of the building’s layout.

There are buildings where duplex apartments are based on the first floors, that is, you will have something like a villa with access to the garden, but the price for them will be extremely high.

Of course, you will always be interested in property with sea or mountain views. Even if the apartment has a disadvantage, the natural panorama will always smooth out the impression. You only need to check with a specialist what you will see from your windows every day. Don’t miss this moment.

  1. The infrastructure of the complex. The modern Turkish real estate market is rich in a variety of apartment complexes, the territory of which is equipped with a swimming pool, spa, tennis court, parking and many others. And along with this, the demand for such houses has increased. Developer companies value the opinions and preferences of their clients, so they build buildings that can easily compete with the most prestigious luxury hotels.
  2. The district. The largest selection of real estate is concentrated in the Mahmutlar District. Many people compare it to Miami because of the abundance of elite high-rise buildings near the sea. The centre of Alanya is significantly different. It is dominated by lower houses and a different landscape. In the Northern part of Alanya, there is also a different atmosphere: quiet, calm, fresh and close to the famous Taurus Mountains. We want to say that the resort city can satisfy every preference and desire of a different buyer.

There is also a “golden mean”. Apartment complex that was built in the city centre, a 10-minute walk from the embankment, bars, cafes and restaurants, and at the same time it is quiet and peaceful. Let us present you the SeaSide Centrum project. Pay attention to it.

  1. Transport accessibility. The transport structure in Turkey allows you to get to any place in the city and to any European country. Antalya airport is 130 km away from Alanya, while the International Gazipasa-Alanya airport is 25 km away. Just do not forget to check with the manager about the nearest stop from your home, this is also extremely important.

So, did the experts’ criteria match yours? We hope that this information will help you find your dream home. For more information, please contact our managers. Call now!

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