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Risk of buying Turkish real estate in the process of construction

Many people have heard about those unsuccessful investments in real estate at the process of construction. And there were and are many such situations. But people continue to take risks, because sometimes this is the only way to buy a new apartment without making a mortgage in the bank. In addition, this is a well-known profitable area in business. How are things on the Turkish real estate market? What is the percentage of risk? How to choose a reliable company? Whether is it necessary to pay attention to housing in new buildings? In this article, we will answer all questions.

Feel free to make a decision about buying an apartment in a building in the process of construction. You will successfully invest your money, save 2-3 times and will be protected by Turkish law in case of risk. Nova Property Agency assures you that the probability of a negative outcome is minimal.

In the Turkish real estate market, there are almost no unscrupulous real estate developers left, because the local State does not even allow them to start building the apartment complexes until they provide confirmed guarantees that the houses will eventually be handed over. Yes, we understand that the “stick 1 time a year shoots”, but here you will have an airbag. If suddenly the company stopped construction, not yet completed all the work, you should not immediately worry. In the shortest possible time, a new developer will be appointed, which will bring the case to the final. Thus, the terms of the agreement will not be violated, and you will not lose your money.

Perhaps even now you might still have fears. Then we offer you to save a little less and buy a property with 70-80% readiness. Compared to the initial stage of construction, the cost of housing will increase by 30%, but the probability that you will lose money will be zero.

We also advise you to contact the Nova Property Agency. We have many years of experience working with reliable developers and know everything about the Turkish real estate market.

We have determined the minimum probability of risk, but what are the advantages of buying an apartment in new buildings?

The developed infrastructure. In modern apartment complexes, you and any member of your family will find everything you need for life, work and leisure. You will be pleased with the service, location of objects, and landscaping. There are gardens, sports grounds and playgrounds, BBQ, restaurants, spa and more. It all depends on your preferences and budget.

Variety and layout. Local real estate developers offer a diverse palette of layouts, meters and price range of apartments, so that each buyer can implement all the design solutions conceived. In second homes, you will have to invest more money and spend more time searching for a suitable location of rooms.

Safety. Now it is not only profitable, but also safe to live in new apartments in Alanya. About 10 years ago, there were no mandatory anti-seismic construction standards that are present in modern houses. For example, buildings must withstand tremors of 7.5 on the Richter scale. This and other safety positions must be indicated and confirmed in the documents when the building is put into operation.

Profitable investment of funds. If you want to move, you will be able easily resell the apartment at a higher price.

Nova Property Agency has a great offer for lovers of another beautiful city in Turkey. If you leave a request for the purchase of your dream apartment in Istanbul today, you can buy it at a very nice price.

Call the managers of the Nova Property Agency right now so that we can work together to find an option that will meet all your preferences and wishes.

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