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How to become a happy owner of property in Turkey?


Don’t be afraid to take this cherished step. Nothing should hold you back to buy apartments in sunny Turkey with sea views. Believe us; the procedure for registration of real estate in the property in this country is not more difficult than in your home country.

Let’s start with getting TAPU. After making the transaction, you will need to contact the cadastral office to issue a certificate of ownership. This management must be found in the area where your future apartments are located. The good news is that you can buy time and save about one and a half to three months. The fact is that the procedure is much simpler. Now the necessary permission from the military Department of Turkey is made by the real estate developer once and immediately for the entire house or complex.

Go to the dream further and make out the Iskan-technical passport for your new home. It consists of detailed technical characteristics of the apartment. Note immediately that if you have chosen a second home in Turkey, you do not need to spend time on this procedure. Only owners of a house in new buildings will need to contact the local mayor’s office to get the Iskan.

Purchase an apartment in Turkey in 2020 and you will get a nice bonus. According to special regulations, the tax on the purchase of housing is reduced to 3% every year. For comparison, the official tax is 4% of the expert value. And the annual property tax in this country is quite low – 0.3%.

We think that you are ready to make the last leap to see the seascape from your window. We will immediately inform you of this attractive news. The owner of any Turkish apartment and his relatives (parents, children and spouse) are entitled to a residence permit. This is not possible in all countries, for example, in Spain, it is necessary to take into account the cost of housing. The house, only from 500 thousand euros, will allow a person to stay in the territory of the state for a long time. The Turkish government is loyal to immigrants and creates affordable conditions for purchasing real estate. That is why, in five years, you will be able to apply for citizenship.

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