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Conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship

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Maybe you’re already purchased your dream apartment in sunny Turkey and you only need a citizenship to make you happy. Since 2019 are some options to obtain a Turkish passport under a simplified procedure to make it possible for everyone to choose his own acceptable and available option.

You don’t have to wait for 5 years; it’s enough to fulfil one of these conditions:

  1. You can open a deposit account in local bank with at least 500.000 dollars. Pay attention to the fact that you can’t make any withdrawals from this deposit for 3 years;
  2. You can invest 500.000 dollars into Turkish economy;
  3. You can acquire government bonds amounting to at least 500.000 dollars;
  4. You can start a business in Turkey and therefore employ 50 citizens of Turkey;
  5. You can purchase a real estate in Turkey amounting to at least 250.000 dollars and after that not sell it for 3 years. Let’s talk about it in detail.

It’s important to understand that in consideration of application for citizenship only the real estate which was purchased after September 2018 that is after the amendment of the law “About citizenship” will take into account. A real estate which was purchased before 18.09.18 can get under the simplified framework, but in this case the main rule differs. Apartments worth over 1 million dollars can help to acquire Turkish citizenship.

You don’t have to buy a property in dollars, both euro and Turkish lira are taken into account. It’s necessary that a real estate have to pass an assessment before selling where the cadastral value is defined in Liras, that is why at the time the transaction is performed it’s important to take into account dollar-lira exchange rate. This particular document from the Cadastral Agency is attached to applying for citizenship. You need to apply to the public authorities within three months after sales transaction.

Also you have to attach a bank statement where transfer of required amount from buyer’s account to seller’s account is registered.

The property must be registered to the person who claims to Turkish citizenship.

Consideration of your application under the simplified framework may take about 2 months.

Not everyone has sufficient funds to use one of the conditions. Therefore there are another ways to get the cherished passport:

  1. You can wait for 5 years. During this period the foreigner have to be in Turkey at least 180 days a year. Also you must have constant official income and know the local language. It should be noted that Turkish government takes into account well-being, whether or not serious illnesses which can threaten to society and non-existence of a crime.
  2. Marriage. A woman has to be formal married to Turkish citizen at least for 3 years to pretend to the citizenship.
  3. Childbirth. If one parent is a Turkish citizen so a child born in the local hospital automatically receives the citizenship.
  4. Origin. If a person is Turkish by ethnicity and lives in other country so he can pretend to the citizenship. Within these conditions consideration of the application may take about half a year.

Turkish passport is issued with a validity term of ten years them you have to change it. Also a Turkish citizen has an opportunity to get Turkish foreign passport for the same term.

Dual citizenship is accepted in Turkey. But you should pay attention to the fact that this is not possible in all countries.

You have to agree that Turkish government is loyal to immigrants according to the conditions of getting the citizenship. You just need to make a decision and call the Nova Property Agency to gain additional consultation.

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