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Can you refuse an offer like that?


Are you ready to go on a study tour of real estate in Alanya from Nova Property Agency? We think that, at least, you will be interested in reading this article, and then prepare for a bright and productive trip.

What do we offer you to visit?

  1. Real estate with the highest liquidity of the famous districts of Alanya;
  2. 10-15 apartments or villas, the order of which we will specially select based on your preferences;
  3. Detailed advice on all your real estate issues in Turkey;
  4. Tour of shops, cafes and restaurants that fully reflect the culture and life of the country.

Now let’s go to the details of the tour.

You do not need to get to your place of residence on your own. Our transfer will meet you at the airport and take you to the desired point. After the end of the trip, we will help you get to the airport in the same way.

Comfortable apartments for up to five days will be waiting for you. We want you to have a rest and not need anything while traveling with us.

Nova Property Agency will not only answer your questions, tell you about the procedure for purchasing local real estate, but also accompany you at all stages of the transaction.

What services included in the tour will be absolutely free for you when purchasing real estate through our Agency?

  1. Your personal transfer from and to the airport;
  2. Accommodation of two participants of the trip in apartments;
  3. Full or partial payment of air tickets. Everything will depend on the individual conditions that are indicated in the contract for the provision of services, taking into account the cost of the purchased property;
  4. Compensation for the cost of the trip, calculated on the basis of the total.

Nova Property Agency operates openly, specifying every detail and conditions of all services, including the study trip. We do not want you to worry about unforeseen circumstances and cases of any kind, so we completely exclude them.

We guarantee a study trip that is affordable for your budget, even if you postpone the purchase of real estate at a later date.

At the very end, we would like to remind you once again that if our tour helps you make a fateful decision and buy your dream home, we will compensate you for the trip.

Call us now! It is with you that we want to go on an unforgettable journey.

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