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Can I afford to maintain a Turkish apartment?


Of course, after the acquisition and registration of real estate in Turkey, there are still unresolved issues. In this article, we will answer your question.

Here you will not encounter a division between local and foreign buyers, so the monthly and annual payments for apartments and villas will be identical. The annual tax depends on the size of the property, the district and the city. Count on the amount from 0.1% to 0.2% of the property’s cost, which is indicated in the TAPU. It is important not to confuse it with the market. Objectively, we can judge that the amount of tax, in comparison with many countries, is quite restrained and adequate.

Further, you cannot do without an annual mandatory earthquake insurance (DASK Dogal Afet Sigortalari Kurumu or abbreviated DASK). Property owners need to register this service regularly.

If you come across the term “aidat”, you will already know that this is a Turkish payment for the maintenance of the management company of the apartment complex. A monthly General meeting of residents is held, where a corresponding contribution is set and made. It is difficult to determine a single sum. Here everything depends on the scale and development of the infrastructure of the apartment complex. For example, you will pay several tens of euros, or you may have to allocate several hundred euros from your budget. A monthly pass also involves the maintenance and care of all areas of the complex.

We think you will be interested in comparing prices for water, electricity and heating.

Water is paid exclusively by the meter. On average, 1 Euro is issued per cubic meter. Here, too, everything will depend on the area, city, and type of housing.

You don’t have to pay much for electricity in Turkey either. But if it is a hot season and you just can’t do without air conditioning, you should be warned that a considerable amount will be added to the standard rates. Therefore, it is better to include “helpers” in cases of extreme necessity. Local residents are resourceful and inventive; they came up with the idea of using solar panels to heat water without wasting electricity. In addition, they know that it is better to turn on energy-consuming devices at night, since it is much cheaper than during the day.

If central heating is common in Russia, then, for example, there is no central heating at all on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The authorities believe that it is impractical to conduct heating, since the winters are not only short-term, but also warm. Therefore, air conditioners come to the rescue again.

Summing up, we can say that the maintenance of a standard apartment even in a comfortable prestigious apartment complex will seem quite economical. After all, this is true.

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