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After-sales service of properties: is it possible?


You will be surprised when you visit for the first time your new apartment purchased in sunny Turkey. You will see there a built-in kitchen, a finish and a plumbing. This will happen, not because you had agreed early with the real estate developer or paid him extra money. This is a distinctive feature of Turkish real estate. 

We won’t promise you the earth because you will have to buy furniture, domestic appliance and interior decorations on your own behalf. It would be simple, if you were in your homeland and knew where to find all staff that you need in. You’ll agree that it’s difficult to do this when you are abroad without an assistant who know everything. Especially, there are paid and unpaid services, installment and variety of credit facilities on different terms in the Turkish stores. You should know about these features beforehand and discuss them with you manager.

Don’t worry about anything because we can offer you a way out. Nova Property will not only help with a deal in purchase sell of real estate but also won’t leave you behind. Our experts will be your right hand and perform you after-sales service even if you are nor in Alanya or Istanbul. In addition, our clients trust us to prepare the interior and housing management in case of renting it out.

Let’s look at our entire package of after-sales service:

  1. We can set up the subscription contracts for the provision of water services, energy, wire line services or mobile communication. Moreover, we will advise you a professional technical expert who can help you with installation of an air-conditioning facility, central heating or testing and servicing different equipment.
  2. We can control the whole process of your apartment repair, and suggest you the best managers with rich, many years’ experience, who has links with construction companies, construction workers and warehouses with all materials. Our assistance with repair is already included in the after-sales service, so our clients don’t need to pay extra for it.
  3. We can organize cleaning and airing of the apartment before your or your guests’ arrival. We can check the turning off all household equipment after your departure at your request. That’s why you won’t have to worry if you in a hurry suddenly forget something to do.
  4. We will assist you in getting a certain amount of additional income if you decide to rent out your premises. We use the recommendations of existing customers to rent out the property you have purchased. Be calm, your manager will be always present during the key exchange and he will consult you about choosing a space for rent. You can also find a catalog of apartments on our website.
  5. We can help you to rent a car. Sometimes it’s more comfortable to get across the city and do some sightseeing by car. If you decide to buy a vehicle we will assist you in buying a car.
  6. We can suggest you a leading interior designer. From the beginning to the end of the work he will accompany you, show all important points, advise you the best stores and malls and he also will be able to act as an interpreter if necessary. Furthermore, this assistance is free for our clients because the furniture package is already included in price of purchase sell of real estate.
  7. We also provide consulting services and help to insure your property, health or a car if you decide to buy it.
  8. We can advise you the best way of buying a ticket for the charter flight or control the transfer for you and your guests from the airport to the place of destination. You can always seek help on all matters from your personal manager.

Nova Property takes care not only about the successful deal in purchase sell of real estate but also about your adaptation to the new situation!

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