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Under the version of Expath Explorer HBSC bank Turkey scored in top 10 best countries for the expats

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In the bank’s survey took part more than 18 thousand of respondents who lives in 163 countries. Expats had to choose 10 the most suitable and comfortable countries for everyday life and work from 150 countries. The Republic of Turkey took 7th place.

The questionnaire consisted of questions about cultural, economic and political level of the country. According to the survey 62% of expats noted that living conditions in Turkey are better than in their homeland.

Turkey took the 1st place on criteria for “cultural, opened and welcoming” country where it’s easy to live in. Half of those who moved to Turkey said that in this country they can combine hobby, fun, personal life and work. 69% of people don’t worry about their safety and can communicate with the local residents.

Common statistics have shown that Turkey also took the 7th place on the number of immigrants after Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

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