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Republic of Turkey is investing 100 billion dollars in transport infrastructure

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  • 2 years ago
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Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey Mahmet Cahit Turhan explained the need for investment billions of dollars in local transport infrastructure: “It’s necessary to realize fully the country’s potential which has geographically favorable location at the crossroads of major international trade router. We plan to transform Turkey into a major logistic center and as a result of that “maneuver” significantly increase exports.”

    The master logistic plan implies the development of different trade routes. At the head there is a transport connection between China and Europe passing through Turkey. This plan means that local government absolutely supports the initiative of People’s Republic of China launched at the self-titled forum: “One Belt One Road”. According to the Minister Turkey will be peculiar “bridge” between China and Europe that will allow increasing the volume of trade with the Far East at the rate of 100 million dollars by 2034. 

   Turkey is also developing in electric vehicles industry. Head of the Republic of Turkey thinks that the day when the environmentally friendly mode of transport was present went down in history because the country didn’t announce itself in this sector for a long time: “ More than 100 Turkish engineers were working on this project using domestic develop must. We’re all together witness how 60-year Turkish dream came true.” During last 13 years about 3,7 billion dollars were spent on this project. Reception Tayyip Erdogan also added that as soon as people see this car on the roads the goal will be definitely achieved. 

   This is not the end of large plans and we should expect the great stride forward. Moreover, the Republic of Turkey plans to release about 175000 electric vehicles a year. The government promises to purchase 30000 electric in 5 models by 2035. 

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