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The International Gazipasa-Alanya Airport set the all-time record

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In 2019 there was recorded a considerable fact for the resort town’s airport. The International Gazipasa-Alanya Airport has embarked the millionth passenger. According to official figures Alanya met 440 988 persons who has flown by domestic48 flights and 589 359 – by international flights. Therefore, more than one million people made use local airport services.

As we can see, a considerable ridership mainly consists of foreign tourists. Because of international guests the ridership increased each month. For example, in 2015 the airport met 915 000 persons. From spring 2017 Gazipasa-Alanya Airport has started accepting regular flights from Russia. That is why soon there’re plans to expand the airport’s territory to make the arrival and departure halls more comfortable and to make the control zone without traffic. 

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