Afghans’ Surprise Entry to Property Market

In the order of foreigners purchasing real estate from Turkey, Afghans who made purchases of 1623 properties last year made a surprise entry into the list from the 5th place. Afghans who are not among the top 10 in the list of foreigners residing in Turkey in 2015, went to 5th place with the purchase of 1623 real estates realized in 2016. In the year of 2016, the first 10 countries that bought real estate from Turkey were in the order were Iraqi people with 3726 units. Iraq was followed with 2556 properties by England, Saudi Arabia with 1827 properties, Kuwait with 1749 properties, Afghanistan with 1623 properties, Germany with 1474 properties, Russia with 1449 properties, Azerbaijan with 724 properties, Lebanon with 191 properties and Northern Cyprus with 180 properties.